August 10, 2011
California, Letters

No decisions made on wind project

Times-Standard, 10 August 2011

On July 26, you reported on the status of planning and preparation for the development of a wind farm in Humboldt County. Your article specifically focused on potential impacts to the area as a result of the transportation strategy for turbines and equipment during construction. The reporting was based on preliminary and incomplete studies that are still in progress. We don’t want this to cause unnecessary confusion and concern in the local community.

We want to stress that any considerations and speculations drawn from these reports are premature at this time. With any development project, there are many factors that go into planning and preparation, which often present a variety of challenges and considerations that impact decision making. That is where we are right now with the Bear River Project – collecting and analyzing information. We are looking at all possible options and closely examining their impact to the community and environment. No decisions have been made.

We are working closely with Jay Parrish and John Miller on identifying ways we can collaborate with the city and county on decisions related to the project and our presence in the surrounding community. We are sensitive to your concerns and are committed to keeping you updated on confirmed progress and decisions. While we face some big decisions, we look forward to working together and to the benefits that the Bear River project can bring to the community in the forms of local
jobs, tax revenues, infrastructure enhancement and alternative sources of power.

Richard E. Williams, P.E.

President, Shell WindEnergy Inc.

Los Angeles

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