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Destroying our ridgelines will not create jobs

Today I read a quote from Dorothy Schnure, the communications manager of Green Mountain Power: “We’re especially eager to begin construction on the project because it’s really important for the region in terms of jobs and renewable energy for our customers.”

This quote really troubles me.

GMP has stated that only two to three long-term jobs would be created by the Lowell Mountains wind project. Sure there’ll be a few more jobs during construction – but these will not contribute to the long-term prosperity of our region.

So what are these jobs that Dorothy’s talking about? Are they jobs for real estate speculators trying to re-sell empty businesses; the bed and breakfasts, cabin and equipment rentals, stores, restaurants, construction companies, butchers, taxidermists, and fishing guides? After the turbines have ruined the pristine landscape and abundant wildlife, those jobs will go elsewhere, along with the tourists.

Are they jobs in environmental restoration, trying to repair the damage done to our ridgelines after the turbines have reached the end of their useful lives in only 40 years? Or maybe they’re jobs for water quality testers, determining the harm to our water system.

And Dorothy, when did construction that permanently alters pristine, ancient ridgelines become renewable? All that’s green about GMP is the incentive money they’re receiving from taxpayers like us.

Let’s come to our senses and stand up to these corporate giants. Call the Governor and tell him that destroying our ridgelines will not create jobs, or preserve the most important resources of our region.

Jim Blair
local business owner
Eden Dogsledding and dogsledding on wheels
Eden Mountain Lodge
Eden Mills