August 4, 2011

Sumner selectman resigns

By Mary Standard, Special to the Sun Journal, 4 August 2011

SUMNER – Selectman Glen Hinckley resigned Wednesday, citing the stress of the job, it was announced at Wednesday night’s board meeting

Hinckley presented his letter to the town office earlier in the day and did not attend the meeting. His resignation is effective immediately.

Selectman Mark Silber spoke passionately to the crowd, saying he has been unable to sleep or eat because of what is happening to the town and the personal attacks on his honesty as a town official.

“I have worked for this town for many years as a selectman and I have never been anything but honest. I have never lied, though I have been accused of lying. I’ve always donated to the town,” Silber said.

“Before she died, my wife and I donated the gardens at the town office and we started the scholarship fund, among other things. To think that I would do anything to jeopardize this town is unthinkable. I am just sick thinking about what has happened to this town. I’ve seen the town divided. I cannot sleep because of the fracturing of people I’ve always known. This has become too emotional. I am very disturbed,” Silber said.

“I have been accused of accepting money, of being in cohorts with wind power contractors and I won’t be a part of any wind hearings or committees anymore,” he said.

In replying to emails, Silber said he had checked with the Maine Municipal Association and selectmen were ex-officio on committees, or members by virture of being selectmen.

Jeff Pfeifer said Silber should get that in writing to see if this was legal.

Bob Runes said, “This wind issue is very divisive and people are letting their passions get in the way.”

The annual town meeting is Monday, Aug. 8, and Town Clerk Susan Runes said if someone wants to run for selectman, they can stand up at the meeting and declare themselves a candidate. If no one does, then candidates can take out nomination papers and the town would hold a meeting to elect someone.

The town’s other selectman is Mary Ann Haxton.

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