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Selby wind farms blast

A Selby area MEP this week blasted “monstrous” wind farms.

Wressle-based Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Euro MP Godfrey Bloom said: “Scandinavia is not a part of the world most of us often think about it but within days it has twice made international headlines – and all for the wrong reasons.

“I am horrified at the sheer thuggery of advocates of wind power across Europe. The recent protest in Denmark is another manifestation of big business and zealots conspiring against ordinary working people.

“The activists have been peacefully trying to prevent deforestation machinery removing trees so that 250 meter high turbines can be built.

“Just how wrong the excesses of the EU green energy policies are is demonstrated by the fact that even green activists are protesting against them. And this in a socially peaceful, liberal, and uneventful culture.”

The UKIP member continued: “Says it all, but of course the EU and those making mega-bucks from these monstrous windmills will carry on regardless.

“And that applies equally to this part of the world where we have seen beautiful landscapes despoiled by wind farms which not only do not work efficiently but lead to higher energy costs due to subsidies.

“We’ve been sold a pup and it is everyone of us who is paying for this folly.”