August 2, 2011
Letters, Massachusetts

Wind turbine is up next for Lenox 2 August 2011

The Eagle’s Saturday morning editorial about the memorial erected at the overlook at Kennedy Park ends by saying, “We understand the affection that Lenox residents and others have for Kennedy Park and the overlook, but this is not a wind turbine sitting atop the overlook.” For those who object to the memorial in Kennedy Park I say – you haven’t seen anything yet!

The town is planning to install an industrial wind facility in it’s watershed, on the ridge of Lenox Mountain. The view from the overlook will soon be dominated by two or three or more 400 ft. high turbines, spinning night and day, serviced by a new, winding road where footpaths and groves of mountain laurel used to be. A real belvedere! Gone forever will be the pristine expanse of the ridge line, beautiful and unblemished, but unfortunately in the way of a few thousand almighty dollars trickling down into the not-so-pristine reservoir of the Lenox-town budget.

The plan can be seen on the town’s website, The turbines will be on watershed land, abutting the Audubon Pleasant Valley Bird Sanctuary (!) and the very best view of this shiny, new industrial facility will be from the Kennedy Park overlook.



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