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Brewster’s wind deal in a nutshell

BREWSTER – When: The turbines are expected to begin operation in September 2012.

Electricity: Cape Light Compact will receive 10 percent of all the electricity generated. Brewster can collect, via net metering, 49.54 percent of the power generated or their total municipal load, whichever is greater. A portion of that (close to a third) will be allocated to Nauset Regional School District.

The excess energy above allocated to Brewster will be distributed, via net metering, to the 17 members of Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative. That could be as much as 40.46 percent of the electricity generated.
Each of the 410-foot turbines will have a capacity of approximately 1.8 megawatts and together will produce about 6,942 megawatt hours of electricity a year.

Rent: CVEC will pay $50,000 per turbine on an annual basis to Brewster on the anniversary date for commercial operation. The initial payment, prior to operation, will be deferred until financing is under way. They will also purchase liability insurance.

Rent will be reduced by any loss of revenue due to agreements to mitigate flicker with adjacent property owners. CVEC will compensate Brewster for any lost revenue at the golf driving range.

For how long: The agreements will last 20 years from the effective date of the agreement (when it’s signed). Brewster’s selectmen signed it Monday. The length may be extended, for up to five five-year periods, by mutual agreement.

Metering: Metering and testing will be provided by CVEC.

Maintenance: CVEC is also responsible for maintenance and will notify Brewster if the turbines are inoperable for more than seven days.
Taxes etc.: Brewster is responsible for taxes, fees and levies imposed in relation to the electricity at the point of delivery (the meters of the turbines).
CVEC will pay for permits required for their use of the property and connection to the grid.

Termination: The power purchase agreement can be terminated if CVEC abandons the facility prior to operation or Brewster defaults on an obligation or if some major event (hurricane, flood, fire, act of terrorism, etc., happens.

Decommissioning: CVEC will have two years after the termination of the agreement to decommission the facility and will still pay rent during this time. The foundations for the towers can be left behind but bolts, etc., must be removed and the road must be revegetated.

Other: Brewster has the right to purchase the facility if CVEC decommissions it.