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Letter to Danish victims of windfarms

Fellow windfarm victims from Denmark,

Østerild is a David against Goliath situation. It is pitting the defenders of nature, tranquility, and quality of life on one side, against dubious politicians, extremists, and money on the other. Over 480 associations, federations, and action groups from 22 countries have joined forces under the banner of our European platform. They salute you! WE salute you! We are proud of your efforts to stop heavy machinery from felling one of Denmark’s rare forests and replacing it with monstrous wind turbines. It is to your honour that 115 groups of Danish citizens are reacting vigorously against this eco-atrocity.

I have fought personally for many years against the abusive windfarm policies of European governments. I have used euphemisms for too long. It is now time to call things by their names. Let us stand up against the environmental crimes being perpetrated by the unholy coalition of Big Wind and small politicians.

The number of windfarm victims who must leave their homes is steadily increasing. Communities are divided, and hatred is now rampant across your once peaceful land. Your own Minister of Integration Søren Pind has had the extremely poor taste of comparing you to the mass murderer of Norway. How did he DARE?!

Let Østerild become a symbol for defenders of nature across the world. Only charlatans can pretend that destroying forests is good for the planet.

May you be successful in repelling this attack against your democratic and environmental values.

Long live Denmark!

Mark Duchamp
President, Save the Eagles International