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Bird estimate wrong

I would like to comment on some of Angus King’s recent remarks about the danger to birds from wind turbines. First of all, it is ridiculous to compare a 400-foot-tall industrial wind turbine to plate glass windows or cats. How many bald or golden eagles are caught by cats or run into plate glass windows? I would venture a guess at virtually none.

There is evidence that many eagles, other species of birds and also bats are killed by the huge spinning blades of industrial wind turbines. Mr. King’s estimate of one bird or bat being killed per year per turbine in the Highland mountains is way off the mark. With the plentiful habitat for wildlife in Maine’s western mountains, the number is likely to be much higher.

I have read reports that the areas beneath turbines are routinely checked for any killed bird or bat and the carcasses are promptly removed because of the reality of adverse reactions from those who may see them.

There are golden eagles and bald eagles in the areas where Mr. King wants to erect his wind turbines. Have you ever watched a video of an eagle falling to the ground after being hit by the blades of a spinning wind turbine? It is not a pleasant sight, and it should not be allowed to happen in Maine’s mountains.

Linda Miller

Lexington Township