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Get facts on wind turbines

WEST GREY -West Grey Councillor Bev Cutting started a discussion at the council table regarding the proposed wind turbines.

Cutting said she had received information from an individual who told her that those representing the wind turbines, say it is a “done-deal”.

Other councillors said they had heard the same comments from the community.

Cutting said that the Nextura Energy Resources company has not approached Council in regards to the prerequisites that West Grey is asking for before implementation of the wind turbines takes place.

“The people are saying that the wind turbine people, or whoever, are coming around and telling them that basically, it’s a ‘done-deal,’ saying the wind turbines are going ahead and so they should sign up and get on board,” said Cutting, following Council on Monday. “That’s my concern. Is this the truth? The whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or is that just a half-truth that is maybe encouraging people to sign up, maybe adding to the thoughts of ‘well if all my neighbours are going to get one or if there are six going in my area I might as well jump on board,’ where they have to have so many signed up in order for it to be a legitimate wind turbine farm basically and they’re just trying now to increase their numbers, and not really factually doing it. My concern is that the people don’t know the truth.”

Cutting said if this is the case, it is unethical.

“Maybe things are passed, but they have not jumped through the hoops that the municipality requires either. So we don’t know how it can be passed,” said Cutting. “Think before you sign. Call us if they need to dig a little deeper, don’t just accept the word of someone sitting at your coffee table, saying these are the facts. Really think for yourself and call us if you need to. We don’t have a lot of information, but we may have the ability to dig for them.”

She said this makes her nervous, because it means those who are being approached don’t know the facts.