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Time to take another look at industrial wind power

Thank you for your coverage of the Kibby Mountain protesters trial. I think it is important for people to know what happened to these courageous folks, and it is a shame that they received such a harsh penalty for their efforts. It was a case of civil disobedience, where no one was hurt, and a very important point was made. Usually in a case like this, community service is recommended, far less than the jail time and fines imposed.

I want to thank the protesters for their courage in blocking the truck, which was delivering parts for the construction of a wind power plant on the top of Kibby Mountain in the wilds of northern Maine.

I applaud Maine and America’s efforts to “go green,” but let’s look at what we’re jumping into.

The construction of large, industrial-scale wind power plants is destroying remote natural places here in Maine.

It requires the construction of many miles of graded access roads and power lines. Hundreds of tons of concrete and aluminum go into each tower, and a typical wind power plant includes dozens of towers. There are more than 40 at Kibby Mountain.

The production of concrete and aluminum is a huge source of carbon pollution, and to top it off, wind towers barely produce any usable electricity.

No company would ever invest in such a losing proposition if it weren’t for the massive taxpayer subsidies being funneled into the wind industry.

We’re spending millions of hard-earned tax dollars and blasting remote mountain ecosystems so that America can pretend it’s “going green.” We could do a lot better by simply learning how to conserve energy. I want to thank the Kibby Mountain protesters and your newspaper for helping to bring this to our attention.

Liam Burnell