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An ill wind above Kirklees Civic Centre

The turbines on top of the Civic Centre in Huddersfield have been a sorry saga … and a waste of money so far.

They were installed as a high profile way of showing Kirklees taxpayers the value of windpower and renewable energy – but all they have really done is blow their money away.

They cost £100,000 to install and have been a drain on finances, costing far more to buy and maintain than the money they have generated.

One has been broken for 16 months which proves these models are hardly cost-effective, efficient and must be exceptionally difficult to fix.

The company behind the wind turbines has now offered to put two up in a windier location for free and the promise is they will reap £4,000 a year for the council.

Time will tell if this turns out to be a good deal, but rest assured we’ll be keeping close tabs on it.