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MP calls on pylon fighters for help

Montgomeryshire’s MP, Glyn Davies, is encouraging people who are opposed to mass wind farm development to attend this Wednesday’s Powys County Council Planning Meeting at Welshpool Livestock Market.

Mr Davies has been an implacable opponent of large scale wind farm development in mid Wales since it was adopted as Assembly Government policy in 2004, and has been closely involved in the local protests which led to last week’s change in the Welsh Government’s position.

He said: “I hope huge numbers of those who object to the industrialisation of the mid Wales uplands will attend the council meeting at Welshpool Livestock Market on June 29 starting at 2 pm.

“Protesters have achieved a great success in persuading the Welsh Government to change its position on wind farms in mid Wales, but now is the time to build on our success rather than take our foot of the peddle.”

The recent public meeting with National Grid in Oswestry brought passionate pleas from North Shropshire residents wanting the power giant to rethink its Mid-Wales Connection Project plans to erect 48-metre high pylons in the area.

The meeting also presented National Grid with an opportunity to address people’s concerns over the scheme to channel a new 400,00kv line from a proposed wind farm in mid-Wales to an existing Wrexham-Shrewsbury transmission line.

This is what those present had to say:
John Swanson, National Grid scientific advisor: “We know the subject of electro magnetic fields is of great concern.
“There is some scientific evidence suggesting there are health effects but there is uncertainty in the science.
“National Grid will not be making a decision on whether this project is safe.
“We will look to the Independent Health Protection Agency and World Health bodies,” he added.

Jeremy Lee, National Grid lead project manager for Mid-Wales project: “We are responding to an application to connect to our system.
“The Infrastructure Planning Committee will scrutinise our proposals.
“We are looking at a multiplier of around six or seven for going underground with this scheme,” he added.

Greg Phillimore, National Grid community relations officer: “National Grid will make people’s feedback responses publicly available. We want a transparent process.”

Ken Murray, National Grid engineering design team: National Grid has to do the most economic, efficient, and co-ordinated thing, taking into account areas such as the environmental impact. It is a fine balance.”

Brian Watson, of Oswestry: “Why can’t substations be connected to the power station at Trawsfynydd and have power lines placed to the North-West of the strategic area outlined in TAN 8?”

Lorraine Jones, of Edgerley: “The consultation document is divisive in that it wants us to choose a specific route but we will not let it divide us.
“Wind farms are insufficient and unreliable. The statistics scare me,” she said.
Sheila Bruce, Kinnerley Parish Council: “My area can see considerable flooding on a regular basis.
“Will pylon developments increase that problem?,” she asked.

Graham Rogers, of Park Hall: “Why not use water to generate power, it is flowing 24/7?”

John Brown, of Dudleston: “This is a new development requiring a new transmission line.
“Why should not the wind farm developers put up the money for it?”

Shropshire Councillor, Arthur Walpole: “A cross-border effort is essential if we are to stop pylons from coming to North Shropshire.”

North Shropshire MP, Owen Paterson: “This is an incredibly important issue and none of us underestimate these concerns.”