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Wind turbine tumbles onto Toledo man's roof

Jeff Lamphier watched helplessly as his neighbor’s wind turbine was no match for a gust of wind Tuesday night. The 25′ turbine came crashing down on Lamphier’s roof.

“I had a bad suspicion that something like this was going to happen,” Lamphier said. “When I saw it take off of the pole, I knew it was headed for my house. I knew there was going to be damage.”

Lamphier replaced the roof just three years ago. He contacted his neighbor’s insurance company to pay for the damage, but the insurance company first called the turbine-damaged roof an “act of God.” The company changed its tune, though, after an adjustor got a first-hand look at what happened. Lamphier is waiting on the insurance company so he can get the roof repaired.

“I don’t want water damage to get into the inside of my house. That’s my main concern,” Lamphier said.

The turbine was built just feet from Lamphier’s home. Toledo’s Division of Building Inspection Commissioner, Chris Zervos, says the turbine’s owner never got the proper permits.

“When people do that, they put themselves, their families, their neighbors, passers by at risk,” Zervos said.

Zervos said the turbine’s owner must now apply for the proper permits, or he could get a citation.

“It’s simply a matter of protecting the health and safety of the public,” he said.

If you’re concerned about a structure in your Toledo neighborhood, you can file a complaint with the city’s Department of Building Inspection by calling 419-245-1220.