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Size of wind turbines matters

This is in response to William Griswold’s comments (“Turbine noise complaints lack logic,” My View, June 9).

First, Mr. Griswold failed to identify himself as a member of Clean Power Now. Perhaps he wished for us to “perceive” him as an unbiased commentator.

We may also perceive that he lives miles away from any turbine and that our observations over the past year might carry far more weight than his drive-by experience.

Second, most of the turbines listed in his column are incomparable to the one that I live nearest to: Falmouth’s Wind 1. Those located at Woods Hole Research, Country Gardens, Transit Authority, and Nantucket High School are all 100-kilowatt turbines. Wind 1 is 1,650 kw. That’s like comparing a grape to a watermelon or a transistor radio to a rock concert amplifier.

Portsmouth Abbey, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and Hull 1 are 660-kw. We’re getting closer: apples to watermelon or boom box to rock concert amplifier.

That leaves Portsmouth High, Hull 2, Webb and Wind 1. These are all in the greater than 1,500-kw class. Hull and Portsmouth are not known for complaints. There have been complaints, but not to the same degree as Falmouth. Wind 1 and Webb both have serious noise complaints. To be generous, I’ll call that analysis a tie.

As far as not hearing the noise during Griswold’s visits to our neighborhood, there are too many explanations for this to go into detail here. Let’s just stick to logic and science. The town’s consultant confirmed that Wind 1 does make noise. When Wind 2 goes online, the combination will exceed the state guideline. Our consultant produced evidence that noise levels exceed the allowable limits. There is no argument about whether the turbines make noise. Several town officials have heard it, the neighbors have certainly heard it, and the experts have measured it.

Let’s get right to the “… reality of the situation… .” Come on back, Mr. Griswold, and anyone else who wants to find out first hand what it really “sounds” like. Don’t just do a “drive-by,” but come right down my driveway. Wait till the winds are high and gusty, and from the southwest or northwest. All who dare come and try to stay for over 30 minutes can sign a guest book and report their experiences. While all of you are here, I will point out to you our super-insulated, passive solar home, and we can discuss how these utility-sized turbines do not belong this close to people.

Please call first as we are still attempting to live here.

Neil Andersen lives in Falmouth.