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Commuters being held up by turbine convoys

Commuters driving between Leamington and Windsor the past two weeks have had a rude awakening in the morning on a few occasions.

The Highway 3 bypass has been held up by OPP- escorted wind turbine haulers, right in the middle of morning rush hour.

With it almost impossible to pass this convoy, a lot of drivers have been left to find side-road shortcuts or face the fact that they may be late for work.

In the day and age of instant news and notification, people shouldn’t have to be surprised by something so monstrous on the roadway at such a time.

In the name of green energy, these things are not only dominating the landscape, they are now starting to take over the roadways.

And without giving unsuspecting motorists ample notice, it creates not only an inconvenience for them, it might very well put people in danger while trying to make up for those lost 20 minutes.

Granted, while living in a diverse agricultural area, we are used to farm machinery and slow moving trailers dotting the roadways from time to time.

The difference is, those farmers are feeding our families, while regular everyday folks are not yet feeling the benefit from the wind turbines. And by the looks of our hydro bills, that may never happen.

With hundreds of commuters heading in either direction every day, especially between 6 and 8 a.m., you’d think the haulers would be able to schedule their delivery around the busiest time of day.

If not, maybe a little heads-up would go a long way.