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Turbine's visceral 'whomp' must be felt to be verified

William Griswold mentioned visiting the site of the controversial Falmouth wind turbines and noticing no discernible sound (“Turbine noise complaints lack logic,” Letters, June 9). Mr. Griswold then implied that the residents of the area who were complaining about the noise were not accurately describing the situation.

I often walk my dog in the mentioned area at all times of the year, and while there are times when the turbines seem almost silent, I have noticed that the sound of the blades varies with the velocity of the wind and where I am in relation to where the turbine head is facing. The turbine head changes direction to face the wind, and there have been times when the impact of the blades cleaving the air made such a loud “whomp” that there was a percussive effect to the sound, to the point that the noise could be described as visceral.

If Mr. Griswold spent more time at this site in varying conditions, he would have been grateful not to live in this area, as I am.

Mark Cerulli