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Regulation for wind turbines needed

Who is trying to kid whom when using the word farm to describe the industrial wind developments that are popping up in our neighboring counties? The monstrous wind towers have huge industrial turbines, make loud industrial noise, clutter our landscape and infringe on people’s health and safety. Wind farms are not farming and if they belong, it’s in open spaces where population is limited, wind is more constant and land is zoned industrial.

Safety, health, noise and visual disturbances are concerns related to the placement of industrial wind turbines too close to private homes. We have learned that one mile is a minimum distance that protects residents from those problems.

We’ve seen the debris that was thrown by a malfunctioning turbine in DeKalb County. We’ve seen the blade that was left hanging after a lightning strike there, too. We’ve read about problems at other sites. We’re concerned about the noise and sound that is created by the huge turbines.

Reasonable and responsible regulation for industrial wind development in Ogle County have been drafted and are now in the hands of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Attend those meetings and let the Ogle County Board members know what you think.

Tom and Jody Zhe