June 19, 2011
New Hampshire

Antrim to hold hearing on wind turbine plan

By Sentinel Staff, www.sentinelsource.com 19 June 2011

ANTRIM – As state regulators consider plans for a wind farm on Tuttle Hill, the Antrim Planning Board is seeking public input in drafting an ordinance for utility-scale wind energy facilities.

An ad hoc committee was formed in May by the planning board to head the drafting effort. It will meet Wednesday to hear concerns and suggestions on how such facilities in town should be managed.

The ad hoc committee plans to have an ordinance or ordinances ready to go to a town-wide vote in the fall.

Portsmouth-based Eolian Renewable Energy, through its subsidiary Antrim Wind Energy, has proposed installing up to 10 industrial wind turbines on Tuttle Hill. Eolian and Antrim selectmen have petitioned the state’s Site Evaluation Committee to take jurisdiction of the project from the town and decide if and how it can move forward.

The evaluation committee, which is made up of members from various state agencies, has not ruled on the matter. A heading is set for June 27.

The planning board has asked the committee not to take jurisdiction until the town has voted.

u The wind energy regulation meeting is Wednesday, June 22 at 7 p.m. at the Antrim Town Hall.

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