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Attend June 21 meeting on new wind project proposal

Attention Highland and Pendleton landowners and residents: The Pendleton Times (recently) carried a notice announcing a June 21 public meeting regarding a proposed industrial wind turbine project on Shenandoah Mountain in Pendleton County. This is a meeting at which Solaya Energy, LLC will discuss their proposal and take questions from the audience. In addition, I understand that individuals will be permitted to make public comments.

Looks like we are in for another dose of the mantra which is repeated by the industry and the media ad nauseam claiming that industrial wind energy:

• Can be generated without burning fossil fuel which is rapidly running out;

• Emits little or no carbon dioxide (CO2) and so ameliorates man-made global warming;

• Has virtually no environmental impacts;

• Will allow us to dispense with nuclear power which is supposedly dangerous;

• Will give us cheap electricity because nature provides the power with no fuel cost;

• Increases security of supply by avoiding reliance on imported fuel;

• And yes, the old reliable, gets them every time, provides economic benefits and jobs.

These reasons for exploiting renewables, industrial wind energy in this case, are in some instances untrue or are serious exaggerations of the truth. They camouflage the fact that this current rush is really a matter of quick profits, follow the money, rather than saving the world from self-inflicted disaster.

Another tactic that these camouflage experts use is sleight of hand. A statement that you will hear is that industrial wind energy should be a part of the solution to our nation’s energy plan. This gambit usually works as most of the masses desperately want a solution. Taking advantage of that inclination, the industry profiteers morph that desire into a belief that anything is a good thing. Unfortunately, it’s like you desperately wanting to do something when your house is burning down and they hand you a glass of water to help to douse the flames.

Every affected and concerned Pendleton and Highland county property owner needs to become actively involved now! The first step is attending the meeting on June 21 armed with very direct questions and public comments. Don’t be like the citizens of Randolph and Barbour counties and become concerned only after these gigantic monsters are destroying our mountains.

Larry V. Thomas
Circleville, W.Va.