June 15, 2011

Iroquois County: Board reverses ruling on wind turbine distance

By Robert Themer, The Daily Journal, www.daily-journal.com 15 June 2011

The Iroquois County Board reversed itself Tuesday and approved a 1,500-foot setback for wind turbines from homes and structures of owners who don’t participate in wind farm development.

In April, the board voted 13-11 to establish a 2,000-foot setback, with the provision that a property owner could accept a waiver for as little as 1.1 times the height of the turbine tower – roughly 400 feet.

On Tuesday, four board members who voted for 2,000 feet in April – Merle Lemenager, Jim Meyer, Dan Pursley and Ozzie Storm – reversed their votes and supported the 1,500-foot measure. Keith McTaggart switched the other way, voting for 2,000 feet this time

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