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Objectors vow to carry on

Objectors to a potential windfarm scheme have vowed they will not rest on their laurels after being told that there are currently no plans for a development close to their homes.

Panic erupted earlier this year when a map revealing nine turbines sited on the outskirts of villages such as Hadston, South Broomhill and Togston, as well as Druridge Bay Country Park and beach, was discovered.

The document, produced by Terence O’Rourke Ltd – planning consultants for wind power company Future Electric Limited – showed an indicative layout of a possible scheme, with some turbines less than 500 metres from houses, sparking fears of a proposal.

At the time, those behind the map – titled Birds Survey Boundaries – said that it was simply a review of a prospective site, at a very early stage and no formal application had been made.

And last week, we revealed that assurances had been given in a letter from Michael Davies, managing director of Future Electric Limited, that there are currently no windfarm proposals for the area.

But concerned residents are not convinced and have warned they will not give up the fight.

Linda Kull, who lives in Hadston, said: “That by no means allays our fears. The letter said that there are currently no plans for a windfarm. I don’t think by any means that we are in the clear. There could be a proposal and we will not rest on our laurels.”

In the letter, which was sent to Mrs Kull, as well as East Chevington Parish Council, Mr Davies said that wind power companies continually review prospective sites – such as the one in question – and these can easily eliminate a site for windfarm development just as easily as they can recommend it.

He added that the map was of very limited use and it had been passed in error to an ecology sub-consultant who had been sent to the site to review and advise on other issues and should have instead been given a map showing a land boundary for review.

But Mrs Kull said: “They are doing surveys, they are spending money and I think they are seriously looking at Hadston for a serious proposal.

“I just think they are playing this down and trying to appease us. There has been a group set up by local residents and there is a hard-core of us who are very much active against the windfarm and we will keep on going.”