June 7, 2011

Wind turbines under the microscope

Yass Tribune, www.yasstribune.com.au 6 June 2011

The National Health and Medical Research Council will hold a scientific forum from 8.45am until noon on June 7 to take a look at recent research into the impact of wind turbines on human health.

The forum will provide an opportunity for NHMRC, and via webcast the general public, to hear the latest international scientific evidence and discuss a broad range of issues of public concern in relation to wind energy.

The agenda, background and webcast are at www.nhmrc.gov.au

The current NHMRC position, published in 2010, is that “There is currently no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects”.

Wind farm companies and the Clean Energy Council often use the statement as evidence that wind turbines have no health impacts on human health.

The NHMRC has described such interpretations as an ‘oversimplification’ of their position.

Opponents of wind farms believe the health effects are real, but the research has not yet been done, so is not available to publish.

The forum will enable the NHMRC to update its 2010 statement.

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