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Airing thoughts about wind energy

In response to “Harvest the wind with Tule project” (Editorial, May 29): The U-T editorial neglected to mention that wind energy is by far the most expensive electricity to produce. Wouldn’t it be wiser to use our scarce monetary resources on something else that has a much higher benefit-per-cost ratio? – James Glover, La Mesa

There is no “access to transmission lines,” as the editorial describes. The Sunrise Powerlink has not destroyed McCain Valley yet, although the giant towers are planned there and in the Cleveland National Forest.

As for the claim of “minimal environmental impact,” I guess bats and birds of prey are not important.

Now that this is cleared up and people realize you can build on public land, people should be thrilled that these giant wind monsters can be erected at places like Torrey Pines, the Silver Strand and all along the beach. A renewable-energy line could be built along the beach where there really is access to transmission lines. Call it the Sunset Powerlink.

We in the backcountry have had enough of this green destruction. – Chris Lawrick, Boulevard