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Windmill claims too good to be true

My husband and I attended the Yucca Valley Planning Commission meeting May 24, continuation of a public hearing on the regulation of wind energy generators and presentation of a draft ordinance.

The presentation provided the following information:

1. The windmills are free;

2. There is a noise factor – very slight.

Nothing is free! The government is sponsoring this, but the taxpayers are paying the tab.

My concerns are:

1. Who controls the noise level? Is the town responsible for citing the owner for excessive noise levels?

2. In a few years, if the windmills are in need of repair, who is responsible, or do they become an eyesore?

3. This could affect our real estate values.

The chairman of the commission made the suggestion that 50 windmills be placed in Yucca Valley for a test case. A test case of one windmill would have been a better suggestion.

I do not want a windmill in a neighbor’s backyard, disturbing my view of the beautiful desert, stars and clean atmosphere.

I hope all of Yucca Valley is aware of this situation and voice their opinions.

Betty Cannon
Yucca Valley