May 30, 2011

Sails taken out of idea for windfarm

Scarborough Evening Newes, 30 May 2011

Developers behind a large windfarm development have not fully considered the impact it would have on the surrounding area according to council planners.

The claim was made at a recent meeting of Scarborough Council’s Planning and Development Committee after they were asked to give their views on the planned development by Ryedale District Council.

If the project is eventually given the green light it would consist of 10 wind turbines – each of which could measure up to 126m tall.

But Derek Green, from Scarborough Council’s planning department, said the developers had not provided enough photographs and they did not clearly show the development.

He said: “They are difficult to see – even on the A3 prints. They were taken in the middle of winter and they are covered in deep snow. We think it gives a misleading impression. The turbines haven’t been shown clearly in the photographs.

“It’s very confusing. These concerns do have to be balanced, at the distances we are talking about, they will seem very small.”

Cllr Godfrey Allanson said he also had concerns about the report and said windfarm developments were part of a “dash for cash” – as they could prove very lucrative for farmers whose land they were built on. He said: “It just so happens, with the Wolds being quite high, we are going to see more of these.”

He added that windfarms give the impression of green power and agreed that the photographs produced for the report did not give a clear picture of the development. He said: “The photograph is just not realistic. These turbines can be seen from a long way, especially by people driving into our area if we are talking about tourism, it is very important where they can be seen from.”

Councillors voted that the impact of the plan had not been properly assessed.

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