May 29, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Wind energy just business 30 May 2011

I have a friend in Scotland and her property is in the midst of being surrounded by wind turbines. In fact, the whole of the United Kingdom seems to be experiencing an absolute frenzy of wind turbine applications. From what I have been reading on numerous U.K. news sites and from people fighting to keep their homes from being surrounded by wind farms, landowners with huge fields as well as councils of many counties are doing their best to ignore the feedback of people adversely affected by these wind farms.

Nobody allowing turbines on their property seems to be concerned with making a contribution to finding clean sources of energy but rather they are rapidly putting up as many turbines as they can to collect the subsidies the government hands out for each turbine.

It seems the same is happening here.

I have always thought it was a good idea to explore different sources of power. But with the proven low and inconsistent output generated by wind turbines as well as the huge amounts of energy required to produce these inefficient structures, this is an obvious dead-end option when considering alternate energy sources.

It should be made a law that anyone who has to sell their home due to wind turbine syndrome must be paid fair market value for their property (pre wind-turbine price) by the adjacent landowner with turbines on their property.

But of course, that would never be acceptable, would it? No, because that would be a fair and reasonable thing to do. In the wind turbine industry, fair and reason play a very small part. This is made apparent when people allowing wind turbines on their properties are required to sign non-disclosure agreements forbidding them to talk about problems resulting from these structures.

The more I have learned about the inefficiency of wind turbine power generation and the industry behind it, the more it smacks of the same non-transparency and shady tactics of the oil industry – an industry they are trying to appear totally different from.

But is all seems to be the same show. Just with different marketing.



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