May 26, 2011

War on wind farms continues

Blayney Chronicle, 26 May 2011

Residents opposed to the proposed wind farm development at Flyers Creek have ramped up their efforts to stop the development going ahead and are now combining with other concerned groups to form the NSW Landscape Guardians.

Member of the Flyers Creek Wind Turbine Awareness Group and now NSW Landscape Guardians Secretary, Patina Schneider, and fellow members met on Sunday in Crookwell to develop an action plan to halt wind farm development in NSW.

Mrs Schneider said the group is calling for a moratorium on new wind farms until a health impact study is conducted.

She said representatives from the group would meet with NSW Energy Minister Chris Hartcher in Sydney tomorrow to discuss their concerns and put forward a range of recommendations that aim to halt wind farm development.

“People were cued up at the door at our meeting which shows just how concerned people are,” Mrs Schneider said.

A decision on approval of the proposed Infigen Energy owned wind farm at Flyers Creek is expected to be made by the end of the year.

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