May 25, 2011

Wind farm inquiry told 400ft-high turbines would blight village 25 May 2011

Residents’ lives would be blighted if two wind farms were built near an East Yorkshire village, a public inquiry heard.

Controversial plans for 12 massive turbines would spoil houses and lead to long-term deterioration at Spaldington, near Howden.

The inquiry into schemes proposed by renewable energy companies Falck and Volkswind began at council offices in Goole yesterday.

Battling residents have raised almost £70,000 to try to stop plans for the 400ft high turbines in two developments just over a mile apart.

Spaldington Turbine Opposition Protest group (STOP) and East Riding Council are leading the fight against the wind farms at the inquiry.

Megan Thomas, representing the council, said: “The council objected to both schemes due to their effect on the living conditions of several residents.

“The turbines would present an unpleasant, overwhelming and unavoidable presence in views from the dwellings and their gardens.

“The significant reduction in enjoyment from living in those properties was sufficient to reject both schemes on its own.”

Volkswind wants planning permission for seven turbines at Spaldington Common,and and Falck wants to build five at the former Spaldington airfield.

David Hardy, representing Falck, said the scheme would help to meet green energy targets, and the airfield was an excellent location for the development.

He said: “Councillors have attempted to hold back energy polices by placing a disproportionate amount of weight on residential amenity.

“The effects from the proposed wind farmwould not cross the line where refusal of planning permission would be justified in the public interest.”

Jeremy Pike, for Volkswind, also rejected claims their scheme would spoil the village.

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