May 21, 2011

Wind farm discussion in Boone County 20 May 2011

Talks of building a wind farm in Boone County is on the rise and citizens of Boone County plan on showing a documentary called Windfall which focuses on the impact of adding a wind farm to a rural community.

BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) – The documentary is said to show the advantages and disadvantages of having a wind farm in the town of Meridith, New York, a similar rural setting . Local residents want both sides of the wind farm debate shown to the community in order to make a thorough decision on whether to add these tall structures to their landscape.

“Whenever you have a structure on a piece of property and is four to five hundred feet in the air. That’s an issue. When you’ve got a helicopter, you’ve got an airplane. There’s issues of spraying crops, there’s issues on how you treat those crops when you have turbines that are moving. That’s why the movie is criticle to get the information out there.” says Schilling from Concerned Citizens of Boone County.

The documentary will be played in the North Boone High School gymnasium next Thursday at 7:30 pm. The event is free of charge and open to the community.

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