May 19, 2011
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Orangeville residents: You are a slice of America

By Lynn Lomanto, The Daily News, 19 May 2011

Residents of Orangeville, you are a slice of America. We are all diverse in our ideas and reasoning. It is important to remember the United States Constitution. As a citizen of the United States of America, we have the right to think and believe in what is in the best interests of our family, community and our American Dream. Our government is a democracy, not a dictatorship. If the opinions that are voiced are in opposition to the industrial-size wind turbine farm, in Orangeville, there must be a reason.

Many hours go into researching and documenting reputable information that suggests the proposed Stony Creek Wind Turbine Industrial Park in Orangeville will produce lasting negative health and environmental effects. Look for yourself. This is not the first wind turbine site to be built. The construction of wind turbines has produced documentation that suggests questionable long-term safety issues to people who live near and under them. Efficiency of the industrial wind turbine monsters is very questionable for the local resident. No lower electric bills, higher taxes and now health issues that could be long term.

Our American Dream needs to be reviewed. The community should be grateful that some of its residents have taken a stand on this industrial project. Clear Skies Over Orangeville is not the disconcerting group our Town Board and Planning Board would have you believe. It is to the contrary. Members in this group are your neighbors. They own homes and pay taxes in Orangeville. The membership is educated in the wind turbine fight and many of us are educated professionals with genuine concerns for the community and Wyoming County’s future. Whether unfortunately or fortunately, for those residents who have yet to understand the importance of working as a community, Clear Skies Over Orangeville has got your back. We are not a small minority. We are a strong, research-based organization that is managing to paint the truth.

We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. The news told the story of a country in the Middle East, who claimed its independence, should be testimony to the importance of what so many Americans take for granted, our freedom. As citizens of the United States we have the right to voice our concerns and point out the deficient activities of our Orangeville Town Board and Planning Board. If the Town Board wishes to continue its “no comments allowed” policy, then they should be aware that lawsuits will happen.

I do not know what constitution the Orangeville Town Board is justifying. There are six hundred-plus residents of the Town of Orangeville, not just the membership of the Town Board and Planning Board. We all have a voice.

If you want to know the facts and want to protect your homes and environment please contact someone from CSOO. We are your neighbors and we need your support in saving the town of Orangeville.

Lynn Lomanto lives in Orangeville.

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