May 13, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Wind problems McGuinty's fault 13 May 2011

Re: Green Fades To Black, editorial, May 12.

The “winner take all” approach to Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act is to blame for the battle over industrial wind development in Ontario. Eighty municipalities that represent more than two million Ontarians have passed motions asking Queen’s Park for a province-wide moratorium on all wind development until independent, third-party health and environmental studies are completed and local planning control is restored.

Tim Hudak’s pledge to cancel the Feed-in-Tariff program and Samsung’s deal is exactly what scores of Ontarians have been calling for. Ontarians are now being heard and have hope something will change in October. In many Liberal ridings, including Energy Minister Brad Duguid’s (Scarborough Centre), this policy announcement will prove popular with voters and cost the Liberals at the polls as wind opponents across Ontario coordinate to defeat local Liberal incumbents if the Liberals don’t listen to voters and back down.

John Laforet, president, Wind Concerns Ontario, Toronto.

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