May 11, 2011
Nova Scotia

Wind project did include environmental assessment

Darrell Cole, The Amherst Daily News, 10 May 2011

AMHERST – An official with Environment Canada says an environmental assessment into a proposed wind farm near Amherst did consider its impact on the John Lusby Marsh and an adjacent bird habitat.

Responding to concerns being raised by Amherst resident Jim Milner on how the wind farm being planned by Ontario’s Sprott Power would threaten area waterfowl, Henry Lau said the 2008 assessment did include recommendations from Environment Canada on how to mitigate any impact on migratory birds.

He said the federal department identified the marsh area adjacent to the project is sensitive in terms of migratory bird populations protected under federal legislation.

“Environment Canada recommended the relocation of turbines in close proximity to the LaPlanche River and recommended that migratory bird surveys be conducted prior to construction and that post-construction migratory bird monitoring be conducted for two years,” Lau said in an email to the Amherst Daily News. “Environment Canada also recommended that construction activities be scheduled in order avoid sensitive periods for migratory birds.”

While Acciona placed the project on the backburner for several years, Sprott Power took over the project’s assets in March and plans to move forward with developing it in the coming months.

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