May 6, 2011
North Dakota

PSC discusses wind power safety

Brian Howell, KFYR-TV, 5 May 2011

North Dakota`s Public Service Commission is discussing wind farm safety in the state.

Wind Farm malfunctions have been making news lately with the most recent incident occurring near Wilton last weekend, when a blade peeled off like a banana after strong winds and blizzard conditions.

The PSC is looking into the matter, and are concerned about the Grand Forks-based blade manufacturer`s track record.

Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer said, “The question that I think that we really have, I mean, here, it`s not even so much a question for us as it is for the manufacturing of certainly the companies that are developing the wind projects is that this is, this is this going to happen a lot? Is this a manufacturing flaw that`s going to rear its ugly head in lots of situations?”

The PSC only discussed the matter today at their meeting.

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