May 5, 2011

Rugby Wind Farm-significant impact to Superb Parrot

Boorowa News, 5 May 2011

The negative impact of the Rugby Wind Farm on the Boorowa community has taken a major turn for the worse, says the Boorowa District landscape Guardians.

The Commonwealth Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has recently declared the Rugby Wind Farm proposal ‘to be a controlled action under section 75 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (the EPBC Act) and it is likely to have a significant impact on threatened species and ecological communities and migratory species listed under the EPBC Act.’

Some of the threatened species listed by the Minister include our treasured birds, the Superb Parrot, Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater.

The 11 threatened species and ecological communities and migratory species listed under the EPBC Act by the Minister are: Superb Parrot, Swift Parrot, Regent Honeyeater, Greater Long-eared Bat, Yass Daisy, Golden Sun Moth, Striped legless lizard, Spotted-tail Quoll, White Box – Yellow Box – Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland, Natural Temperate Grasslands of the Southern Tablelands of NSW and ACT and Grey Box Grassy Woodland and derived native grassland of South-Eastern Australia.

This project poses a huge potential threat to Boorowa’s unique and fragile environment. Box Gum Grassy Woodland, the Superb Parrot’s habitat, is internationally recognized as critically endangered. It is vital that this information is put into perspective, in terms of the significant impact that such a project may have on our precious flora and fauna, not just within the Rugby Wind Farm area, but also within the Rye Park and Bango industrial wind projects which total approximately 350 turbines.

The immense value that the Commonwealth Government places on threatened species and ecological communities cannot be under estimated. This is an important step forward in the fight to stop the destruction of not just our rural communities but our most treasured plants and animals.

The developers Suzlon / Windlab have to date made no communication or statement to the local community regarding this controlled action declaration.

The community of Boorowa has unquestionably played a huge part in the survival of the Superb Parrot. It significance to our town, people and business is evident to everyone in our community.

This is certainly a very real threat. The people of Boorowa cannot sit back and let this happen to their very own Superb Parrot and associated flora and fauna.

Let’s not make the inexcusable mistake of supporting this destruction of our threatened native flora and fauna. Their future is literally in your hands.

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