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We’ve had enough, thanks

Considering windfarm concerns, Hadston, North Broomhill, South Broomhill and Togston have been blighted by the era of deep coal mining, then the era of open cast mining and now it seems we are in the era of windfarms, and we are to be surrounded once again by the energy business.

Five wind turbines are being proposed to the south of us at Widdrington, and 15 to the south east at the Blue Sky scheme, but most worrying is the site to the north of Hadston, and to the east of North Broomhill and Togston, where Future Electrics Ltd are considering a windfarm of nine turbines.

This area of land owned by Grainger PLC was originally going to be part of our area’s regeneration. If this windfarm goes ahead, it will be nestled within a circle of our villages and farms, none less than 500metres from a turbine in all directions.

There are two mature reserves near to the considered windfarm, Hauxley and East Chevington, from where local and migratory birds fly over the site in large numbers, three marsh harriers feed and could possibly now breed on this site. Only 15metres from a considered turbine is Druridge Bay Country Park, which must be one of the most beautiful areas of Northumberland.

Windfarms should not be sited near our homes, there is a real concern about noise pollution and the threat to our health and wellbeing.

There are talks in parliament about whether there should be a two kilometre restriction, which sounds sensible to me, lets hope common sense prevails.

Hadston, Broomhill and Togston Group Against Hadston Windfarm