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Wind development puts native practices at risk

We, the Elders, community members and youth of Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, do not support the Industrial Wind Development on our sacred traditional land of Mnidoo Mnising. The ecological and environmental effects on our eagles, birds and animals as well as bees that pollinate all of our plants, fruit trees, berries and the like, putting our traditional practices and medicines at risk would be too great. We have concerns over the traditional food for Aanishnabek such as the deer and fowl relocating elsewhere or not returning.

The loss of our land would not recover for generations. We have been entrusted by the Creator to be carekeepers of this land for the next seven generations. We intend to keep and honour our ancestors, by fulfilling this goal.

We cannot afford the leisure for time spent to find out what the effect is on an infant in the womb by the constant illimitable overflow of vibration from an industrial wind turbine.

The Chief and Council have not done their homework on an issue so grave with an element as powerful as the wind which is “The Breath Of God.”

Our leaders have no right to authorize these turbines without proper consultation with the band membership.

We recommend that we have a moratorium to ascertain if the windmills are appropriate here on Mnidoo Mnising. Shame on you, Chief and council, for authorizing these windmills on this sacred land called “Great Spirit Island.”


Josephine Eshkibok Georgina Enosse

Ida Embry Mary Lou Shawana

Rosemary Wakegijig Dorothy Mishibinijima

Rose Peltier Bernard Osawamick

Annie Jackson Maxie Trudeau

Mary Stacey

Cheryl Peltier