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Walk away from wind farm plans

Stroud Life reported that 76 protesters wrote to object to the wind turbines in the Vale of Berkeley when the figure was, in fact, 178 (April 13).

Your reporter was, quite understandably, misled by Stroud District Council’s report which had many inaccuracies, mistakes and omissions and recommended the turbines should go ahead. Fortunately, and quite correctly, the councillors disagreed and turned down the proposal.

Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity, constantly uses the tired old argument that only a vociferous minority object to the turbines.

People in the Stinchcombe area are against the turbines, approaching 100% of them, and hundreds have attended meetings and signed letters to councillors and petitions.

On Ecotricity’s website the following appears: “We attribute our planning success in large part to our Good Neighbour policy through which we only commit to build turbines where we can be sure they will be good neighbours throughout their lifetime. If we can’t be sure, we walk away.” (Ecotricity Progress Report 2008).

This clear statement is unambiguous and indisputable and leaves absolutely no wriggle room. We are passionate, determined and well-informed and there is no local counter group in favour of Ecotricity’s attempt to make millions of pounds, courtesy of every electricity bill payer, out of a totally inappropriate, relatively windless area using a flawed and unreliable technology. So walk away now, Mr Vince, walk away.

Roger Stroud, Stinchcombe