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Want to witness problems? Visit Ohio wind farm

If any of you in Lee County or neighboring counties are wondering about the negative aspects of wind turbines, just take a drive down state Route 26 to Ohio and check out our area, already saturated by wind turbines.

About 10 of those would be plenty for me to see every day. At this time, I don’t have shadow flicker, TV interference, or the noise that accompanies many of those turbines. That’s because I live 2.5 miles north of the county line and have no turbines near me.

If the Mainstream turbine group succeeds in getting a permit, my property will be in that area. I do have an ugly, rusty-looking pole to look at, and that high-powered electrical line goes past my home. Many of my friends and neighbors, however, experience much greater problems.

Contrary to what they [wind farm proponents] proclaim, the clear possibility of shadow flicker, TV interference and disturbing noise comes along with those turbines. They have no solution to those problems except to make a monetary settlement to those who make complaints. That doesn’t solve the problem.

Suppose there are frequent accidents at a certain intersection. Would it be feasible to do nothing to correct the problem but just go to court and pay a settlement whenever someone is injured or killed? Of course not. But that’s basically what those promoters do.

If they cannot put up those turbines without infringing on the rights of the neighbors by damaging their quality of life, then they need to find a solution before developing any more.

There are many people in this area who can show you directly what it’s like living near one or more of those turbines. Don’t make a decision without experiencing what wind farm neighbors experience daily.

Money isn’t everything, especially if you have to walk all over others to get it.

Marcia Ann Thompson, Ohio,