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2,000 attend power plans protest rally in Welshpool

The people of Mid Wales have made it clear they will not roll over and let the Welsh Assembly Government desecrate the landscape with wind turbines and steel pylons.

Almost 2,000 attended a protest rally at Welshpool Livestock Market on Wednesday night, with campaigners claiming the huge turbines and pylons will blight the rural countryside.

Plans are now being put in place to repeat the protest outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on May 10.

Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies, who organised the rally, started the meeting by telling protesters: “By turning up you show you care and that we don’t want our beautiful area to be destroyed by people who don’t live here.

“The government in Wales is prepared to dump on us, so what we need to do is take as many people as possible down to Cardiff so when they look out of the windows from their comfy offices in Cardiff Bay they will see we are not prepared to let them do it.

“If politicians in Cardiff are going to destroy this part of Wales, which you and I love, I want them to know we will never forgive them. It will be our Tryweryn.”

Myfanwy Alexander, a writer and broadcaster from Llanfair Caereinion, added: “The turbines are not here because of the wind and they are not here to save the planet, they are here because of politicians and money.

“We have as much right to a future as anyone else and we don’t have to put up with these plans. Tonight we are giving the first punch in what will be a long and bruising battle.”

Jane Ashley, the daughter of Mid Wales fashion designer Laura Ashley, returned to her roots and told the worried Mid Wales residents: “My mother was inspired by Montgomeryshire and so have a lot of other people been.

“These plans must be opposed with all of our hearts and I will do all I can to help.”
Alison Davies, of the campaign group Conservation of Upland Montgomeryshire, urged people to fight as one to stop the windfarms and everything connected with them.

She also read out letters from Lord Alex Carlisle, the former MP for Montgomeryshire, and television presenter Iolo Williams.

Lord Carlisle was quoted as saying: “Tan 8 is poorly conducted and displays awful judgment.”

Iolo Williams wrote: “I detest windfarms and wish we did not have any. We have to get Tan 8 thrown out now and protect the countryside.”

* Don’t forget to return your forms to the County Times, stating exactly why you don’t want this – and we will pass them onto MP Glyn Davies. The forms are in again this week