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Advice of wind farm resident: Just say ‘no’

This letter is written in support of the people who are making an effort to thwart the blight called “commercial wind power” in Ogle County.

I live in the Big Sky wind farm in Bureau County. We had shadow flicker in every room in our home for over an hour a day for 4 months when the sun was shining. Blinds at the windows, trees in the yard, don’t keep the flicker out.

We have been awakened by shadow flicker early in the morning for shorter periods of time. As the sun gets farther north, we’ll probably be having more shadow flicker in our home. Even when it’s not going throughout our house, it’s twirling on our property.

When the turbines are running, there’s always noise, whether it’s just a swish or sounding like a train rumbling down a track. It’s irritating – like a dripping faucet. After a while, you just want it to quit and be still.

Our quiet rural living is gone. Yes, a truck or tractor may make more noise, but it’s not a constant noise. You hear it, then it passes by, and all is quiet again.

We have 12 turbines less than a quarter-mile to almost a mile from our home. I have no window to look out without seeing turbines, and from one window I see 15 of them.

Take a drive to the Big Sky wind farm around Ohio, in northern Bureau County, and see how our beautiful rural countryside is now completely dwarfed by fields of wind turbines.

There are three more wind farms planned for northern Bureau County. My recommendation to residents of Ogle County is say “no” to any turbines in your county. Once they start building in a county, there seems to be no end to wind farm construction.

Barbara Draper, Ohio