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Wind farm will destroy area’s beauty

I am originally from Ireland and came here many years ago, fell in love with America, married (still), raised three responsible children, became a naturalized citizen and loved Arizona and the wild, wide open Grand Canyon area. I am not a newcomer to Williams. I have owned my property since 1973.

Now the Coconino County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors voted for the Perrin Ranch Wind Complex knowing that it will produce only minimal energy. Yet to be politically correct, they spend huge amounts of taxpayer dollars for a somewhat worthless project. It will produce a huge tax burden on our children and grandchildren.

Many in my family still live in Ireland, England and other parts of Europe. When I explained the windmill farm being erected in the Grand Canyon corridor, they were appalled that our elected officials would allow such destruction of our wild America. Tourists come here to see and feel the “wild open west.” My family says they will come to visit me here in Williams, but do not wish to see a bunch of disgusting windmills cluttering a pristine area. They wish to remember it as it was on previous visits, so the visit here will be short, as they head on to the beach in southern California.

Williams will rue the day they allowed this boondoggle to destroy the tourist industry and are stuck with a bunch of idle, worn out machinery (that is the history of these projects) cluttering a once wild and beautiful landscape. Shame on the greedy, irresponsible groups who allowed this to happen. Many of these wind farms have been shut down in Europe and in America, as will be the fate of the Perrin Ranch Wind Farm.

Anne Smith