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Wind farms are a policy for madmen

I continue to be amazed at the lack of any significant protest from the general public to not only the on-going and steady increase in their power bills, but also to the desecration of our beautiful countryside by an incontrovertible virus of despoliation that is assiduously spreading across our irreplaceable landscape and coastal waters.

Future historians will surely write about one of the biggest confidence tricks of the 21st Century and truly wonder at the apathy and short-sightedness of the people that enabled government to pursue such a folly as onshore and offshore wind farms, and say: “Truly this was not their finest hour.”

Only madmen would pursue a policy that delivers erratic, unreliable and unpredictable electrical power, for such is the nature of the wind and wind farms.

This madness is compounded by the massive government subsidies that you and I have to pay for, and it is a total illusion to assert that wind technology, even with the subsidies, is economic sanity. Why is everyone sleep walking to the night of the candle?

Dave Haskell

Boncath, Pembs