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Walker moving in right direction

Gov. Scott Walker has taken a step in the right direction, not a backward step (Editorials, April 8). I applaud Walker for listening to the neighbors of wind farms who are Wisconsin landowners and taxpayers.

That wind turbines produce a persistent noise and shadow flickering are facts, not “unfounded and overstated” fears. Why should neighbors be forced to live under these adverse conditions?

Wind power is not reliable. When the wind stops blowing, electricity production stops, too. And when the wind blows too hard, the turbines must be turned off or the blades bend inward and snap the mast, causing the whole structure to deconstruct.

Wind power requires a backup power source that is always at the ready. Since coal-fired plants take hours to get up and running, costly new backup power plants – natural gas or diesel – will have to be built.

Other negatives associated with wind power are its cost (turbines can cost up to $1 million each), the deaths of thousands of songbirds, predators and bats, and the “uglification” of the Wisconsin landscape.

Wind power is not cost-effective and has many serious drawbacks.

Victoria Marone