April 3, 2011
Letters, Oregon

Rethink wind power

www.gazettetimes.com 3 April 2011www.gazettetimes.com 3 April 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy projects that wind will generate less than 1% of electric production needs by 2030. Wind facilities compromise our environment, health, wildlife and economy, and Oregonians are paying the astronomical price for wind projects while the energy goes out of state.

Wind developer hype is being challenged as the truth is exposed. Not only is wind power highly subsidized, but additional CO2 emissions are being generated as backup power plants are put into spinning reserve when the wind is blowing. The very few long-term jobs cost taxpayers millions per job. Plus, for every green job, 2.2 regular jobs are lost.

The Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley has started a campaign called the Conserve 3 percent Energy Challenge. By conserving just 3 percent of our electric energy, we can eliminate the need for wind power production and its damaging effects.

Pamela Wilkinson

Education Chairwoman

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley, La Grande (March 31)

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