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Windpower does not work

You published (March 25) a letter from Joe Darby headed “Windfarm ‘monstrosities’”. Mr Darby rightly wrote of the visual blight being caused by these huge structures appearing all over the country.

Letters and complaints about windfarms always go on about the scenic intrusion, spoiling of views, effect on tourism, and so on.

This might be thought to be nimbyism and consequently not taken too seriously by those in favour of alternative energy.

The point that should be made above all others is the simple fact that windpower does not work. Wind is fickle and cannot be predicted accurately more than a few days ahead.

Wind turbines have a limited span of wind speed where they operate efficiently and, indeed, frequently there is either not enough or too much wind.

We must fight this waste of energy in building windfarms, which have a limited life and no absolute guarantee of removal or land restoration when they are worn out, 20 years or so from now.

We can predict tidal flows almost to the minute and tidal flow is guaranteed effectively for ever.

The vast sums being squandered on an inefficient temporary solution that in reality is no solution at all must be redirected into marine tidal and wave-powered generation because of its certainty.

A. Armitstead,


Laide of Reiff,