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Some things you’re not being told

Invenergy has another “slick” full-page ad in the Sunday, March 13, edition. The money that they use to include these ads in your local pennysavers is actually your money. Yes, your stimulus dollars, and your subsidies dollars. The money comes from your tax dollars. So in effect you have placed and paid for the various ads.

Now, I’ve considered responding to this latest attempt at propaganda, but honestly, it is the same ad that has been placed previously. For them nothing changes. They still and always will appeal to your willingness to be “green” yet they do not report that turbines are anything but green. They also refuse to tell you that neither one drop of oil nor one carload of coal has been saved by these turbines in the United States. The list goes on and on of facts they do not tell you.

We the concerned citizens of Orangeville have lots of changes to report. The animals that hibernate are beginning to awaken and the trees are starting to “green up” and the deer and turkeys are finding food in the now open fields. Yes, we have lots of good news to report in these God’s green acres. The sun comes up unobstructed by turning blades; the only sound is the chirping of the returning birds. We are truly blessed to live here in Orangeville, please reconsider your desire for the money you will receive from Invenergy for your turbine contract(s). Remember it is really your money. Your tax dollars. With less tax being taken out of your various income sources, you would have more money and not need this company to fill the void in your bank account.

Linda Makson