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Massive wind farm suggested

A plan released by not-for-profit organisation Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) – looking at renewable energy in the Goldfields Esperance area – has made a significant proposal for the future of wind generation in Esperance.

The plan has been developed by engineers, economists and other specialists to prove that Australia’s energy needs could be generated by renewable energy sources alone. The10-year plan proposes a combination of wind and solar thermal stations at key points around Australia.

The BZE plan would see the installation of 300 new wind turbines in the Esperance Region, each of which will be 12 times as powerful as the largest turbines currently installed here.

The proposed windfarm would contribute to a nationwide network of renewable energy power stations, including solar thermal developments in Kalgoorlie, and another large-scale wind development in Albany.

The combined power of the new network, including similar developments in other states, would supply 100 per cent of all of Australia’s energy requirements, and all within the next decade.

Goldfields Renewable Energy Lobby member Andrew Huntley explained that there are currently 5,500 kiloWatts (kW), or 5.5 MegaWatts (MW), of generating capacity spread between 9 Mile Beach and 10 Mile Lagoon.

The BZE plan would see 2,000,000 kW or 2,000 MW of generating capacity installed in Esperance – 400 times more than at present, and enough to power most of the Perth Metropolitan region.

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