March 23, 2011

Flyers Creek residents take stand against wind development

BY ERIN SOMERVILLE, Central Western Daily, 24 March 2011

A group of Flyers Creek residents are taking a stance against a proposed nearby $200 million wind farm development.

The residents said they were concerned about the negative impacts the development could have on their properties and health.

The proposed Infigen Energy wind farm would see the construction of more than 40 wind turbines, each 150 metres tall.

In comparison, the Blayney Wind Farm has 15 turbines that stand 45 metres tall.

The residents, who are part of the Flyers Creek Wind Turbine Awareness Group, want to see the state government put the development on hold until further research is carried out on wind farms and their health impacts.

Concerns raised by the group include excessive noise, vibration, a flicker effect and infrasound issues.

Resident Di Colman said the medical evidence linking turbines to ill health was too strong for the government to ignore.

“They symptoms are there, the people are there, the problems are there,” she said.

The group is eager for the NSW government to follow South Australia and Victoria’s lead by implementing a two-kilometre residential setback for wind turbines, as recommended by the NSW Legislative Council in 2009.

The 46 proposed turbines will lie within a two-kilometre radius of 36 homes.

Only eight of these dwellings belong to wind farmers who have agreed to the construction of turbines.

The residents feel they have had little input into the planning process.

“We’ve lost the right to complain,” Ms Colman said.

“They have taken away our option to say yes or no…we haven’t got a voice.”

Resident John Foster is also worried about the negative impact the wind farm will have on his property.

“It will have a visual impact and I am told our property will decrease in value by up to 30 per cent,” he said.

The residents do not oppose green initiatives such as wind power, however, they wish to see more research into the development.

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