March 22, 2011
Illinois, Letters

Wind turbines can have far-reaching effects 22 March 2011

For me, the debate on wind farms comes down to one question:Should any corporations or individual be able to get a permit to install something that affects their neighbors as these wind turbines do?

Those homeowners around the towns of Walnut and Ohio are experiencing this very real problem. They are having issues with noise, shadowing, flickering and cell phone reception problems. Also, there are health issues not fully understood or studied as yet, all from wind turbines.

Until the ordinances in Bureau County are changed, this will happen to more of us. There are more wind farms proposed for Bureau County. We need to get the setbacks increased not only from property lines, but also homes.

No homeowners should have their ways of life adversely effected by wind farms.

Before landowners sign contracts with wind farm companies, they should gather information.

Visit a wind farm, check the Internet for information or ask someone who lives by a wind turbine.



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