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Tears and fears

Recently I attended a meeting in Dixfield, which was the second commercial wind power meeting this week I have been to. Between us, my wife and I have attended in excess of 30 meetings of one type or another on commercial wind power over the last couple of years.

My first introduction to that subject was several years ago at LURC hearings at the Black Bear Inn in Orono. It was an issue being addressed prior to that which I was there for. I found it both interesting and informative. As some of the concerns expressed at that time related to wildlife which I have a deep and personal interest in I listened to the presentations. Little did I know at that time just how interested I would become in that particular subject.

While researching the subject and attending these many meetings, it has become most apparent that the state agencies (DEP and LURC) entrusted to protect us and our environment have had their hands tied by the powers that be. I feel sorry for those holding the meetings, as they are bound by the laws and regulations put in place by our elected officials. It is most apparent some officials have done this only for their own financial gain and their misguided ego. They have left their employees and the citizens of this state out to dry.

Science supports few, if any, of the claims of the benefits alleged by commercial wind power
proponents. It is our tax dollars that are being expended to develop commercial wind power. The only ones to profit are a few individuals and foreign interest. You can check that subject out for yourselves on the Internet.

What has become most apparent at meetings is the voice of over 80 percent of the public in attendance. Their concerns after presenting scientifically backed facts about why they are in opposition to wind power, is the unbelievable expressions of emotion over concerns regarding quality of place, health issues, destruction of mountain tops and wild places, visual impact to scenic areas, damage to potable water, loss of thousands of acres of forest growth, disregard for endangered and threatened species, lost of property values, large increases projected in utility bills while getting none of the electricity (as it goes to supporting the southern New England grid), and the utter destruction of the heritage of a place and its people.

It is absolutely gut wrenching to watch multiple men and women get choked up and even break down and openly cry while speaking over the losses to be realized in our way of life in rural Maine.

There is no other place where you can see the utter disregarded of our elected officials of what the large majority of citizens want. They just don’t care what we want or do not want. Our last elections were a start and hopefully our next elections will finish it. To realize this critical issue first hand, attend one of the many ongoing communities meeting across the state.

Dave Miller
Lexington TWP, Maine